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Website Design & Development

Did You Know?

"Out of a group of 800+ consumers surveyed, 68% said that having a website – ideally one that is well designed – is a key factor in the opinion they hold about a business. This also directly influences their decision to use a local business. Only 27% were not bothered about whether a local business had a website or not, and wouldn’t judge them if they didn’t. 


                              --  Survey results by BrightLocal.com (2014) 

Making Your Website Work For You

Despite all that's been made about the virtues of owning a business website, it's startling to find that 60% of small businesses in the US still don't have a website at all. These findings were released in a Redshift Research survey commissioned by GoDaddy.com in September 2015.  Of the 4000+ business owners surveyed, only 12% had created a free Facebook business Page.  


The Tri-State Area Mirrors the Rest of the U.S.


This is a trend we have also encountered.  There are many small business owners in the Tri-State area who don't have websites, relying instead on word-of-mouth to get their business messages out. Sometimes they are paying to be listed on YP.com (the digital incarnation of the Yellow Pages), or their businesses are reviewed or listed in a confusing hodge-podge of local online services (such as Google Places for Business, Yahoo!, MerchantCircle,Yelp and dozens of others).


If your business doesn't have a website, you may want to consider getting one designed and launched.  Prices have come down from even two years ago.  Plus, the advantages of getting found online (especially via mobile devices) in the controlled environment of your own website will astound and amaze you. 


Your Five-Year-Old Website May Need a Makeover  


Let's say you do have a website.  How old is it?  Does it come up large enough on a screen of a mobile device, especially a smartphone?  Does it portray you as an authoritative source of information that consumers trust?  Or is it confusing, with mixed or vague messages?  What does it look like?  And, very importantly, does it get your business listed high in online searches, especially Google? 


Depending on your answers, you may want to give us a call.  We will work with you to design or redesign your website.  We will use the science and art of "search engine optimization (SEO)" to balance your content and use strategic key search words, so your site is listed higher in the search engines.  And we will work closely with you to design or redesign your website so that it conveys focused, targeted messages to your website visitors.


Well-Designed Websites are Great "Brand Ambassadors"  


In our experience, there is no better "brand ambassador" then a well-designed website. It can be visited day or night, whenever your prospective customer, client or donor has time to learn more about what you do.  It can be changed quickly and easily, depending on what you discover your site visitors need to know.  And its digital real estate is unlimited, whereas a printed piece or even a video has limitations to its size or length. 


Maintaining consistent brand imagery across all marketing platforms, especially on your website, will also help to reinforce the  "look and feel”of your brand.  And you can do many other cool things with a website, like capturing email addresses of your visitors, taking surveys of your customer base and much, much more.


Full Access to Your Website & Its Data


Unlike some website design and development firms, we do NOT hold the keys to accessing your website once we have launched it.  It is your website. You paid for it.  For these reasons, we believe you should have full access to all of its features and data.


Once your website is built, we can make sure it doesn't go down.  We can add any new content or make any design changes you'd like. There are additional charges for us to do this work.  But if you are knowledgeable about website design and maintenance, you can take over from us after we launch your site.  This is our policy, and many clients have told us how much they appreciate that.  


Platforms & Resources We Use


We build and deign in many web programming formats, especially WordPress (the current industry standard).  Depending on your needs, we can also do some custom programming and API linkage. Every website we build is provisioned with Google Analytics to better understand your website traffic.  And we have some other cool tricks up our sleeve to make your website spectacular. 


A Collaborative Approach


We believe that every great website is founded on establishing a collaborative relationship with you. Whether you need a simple content website or a more complicated one that is built on a growing database.  We also offer highly competitive rates, and unique website designs for each business we serve.  


We're Here to Help!


Do you have a question or do you need more information?  We offer free estimates, and we are always prompt in responding to requests.  Our operators are standing by.  Feel free to make their day by calling (203) 483-4598 x306. 

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