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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November 1, 2019

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Get Inspired with Custom Banners

June 21, 2019

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 Get Inspired!!


Custom printed banners are great for communicating your message in a big way. You can often find them hung on walls, suspended from poles, or displayed in frames or stands.


But is that really all you can do with them? It’s time to think outside the box and be inspired. Discover creative ideas for using banners.


Here are 8 creative ways to use banners that are often overlooked.


1. Tablecloths and Table Runners




Big banners can cover an entire table while smaller ones can run along the table for a unique, customized table runner. This helps your clients save space at trade shows, conventions, and markets while still showcasing their brand.


Tip: Table sizes vary, so you should be prepared to print a variety of sizes for your banners, including custom sizes.


2. Finish Lines




If you hold annual races or charity runs, banners make great finish lines. While traditional finishing lines are just a long piece of ribbon, banner finish lines can have personalized messages like “congratulations!” or “thank you for participating.”


Tip: Hem the edge of the banner with a bit of extra space to allow a rope to pass through.


3. Room Dividers and Partitions




Banners are an affordable way to temporarily divide a large area into smaller ones. Unlike bulky traditional dividers and partitions, banners are easy to transport to the venue and store when not in use. You may even want the name of the activity printed on the banner itself so that participants know where to go.


Tip: Add grommets or pole pockets to banners so that your clients can hang them. That way, the banner partitions won’t take up extra floor space at the event.


4. Signed Cards