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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November 1, 2019

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3 Ways Event Technology Puts Attendees First

May 31, 2019

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Create Interesting, Inspiring Event Experiences

Now more than ever, attendees are driving how events are run. The same widespread adoption of technology that has changed the face of marketing in other fields is just as applicable to events. Wise integrated marketers who wish to create meaningful, memorable and measurable experiences will wisely adopt event technology tools to enhance attendee experiences.


Take a Mobile-First Approach

Encourage attendees to fully participate in events by meeting them where they are: on their mobile devices. With 56% of users engaging heavily with mobile event apps, mobile technologies are an ideal way to collect attendee data, listen to their feedback (speakers, sessions, topics), measure social engagement, and discover their interests.


Put the Attendee Front & Center

We’ve discussed before that “people don’t share ‘meh’, they share awesome experiences.” Create unique, lasting experiences by giving attendees what they need, want, and love. This includes personalizing activities based on interactions and interests, making transactions easy, and facilitating connections. Remember that happy attendees are the best kinds of advocates. And don’t forget to keep the conversation going after the event using the data collected from the app and other technology platforms to continue to build relationships.


Match New Technology to the Audience

There are many technologies that can be used to help event planners streamline events through automation including geofencing, location-based marketing, virtual reality, wearables, and RFID, among many others. The challenge for integrated marketers may be determining which of these technology developments will work best for their audience. To answer this question, look at audience interests, the data collected through the app or other existing technology, and quality of engagement the audience has displayed. Also question whether a particular technology is appropriate for your audience, and if they’re likely to utilize it.


2019 Will be the Year of the Attendee

Meetings Net bottom lines it: it’s all about the attendee experience and they will ultimately dictate the success or failure of technology integration at events. Testing new technologies and their likely adoption or use based on attendee history and demographics will help integrated marketers gauge the likely benefits of bringing a new technology on board. Focusing on attendees, and then bringing technology into line with their needs, will lead to event success.


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