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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November 1, 2019

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Leveraging Video Marketing

April 29, 2019

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 Video has a major impact on your digital marketing.


It wasn’t long ago that video marketing required a significant investment for small and medium-sized business. But many of the barriers that formerly held integrated marketers back from fully embracing video have shrunk or disappeared completely.


How important is video marketing? Here are a few nuggets:


  • 7 billion videos are watched every day on Facebook and YouTube.

  • 80 percent say videos explaining how products and services work are important when learning about companies.

  • 56 percent say customer testimonials are important when purchasing products or services.

  • About one-half cited company videos as most helpful when making purchases.


According to Animoto CEO Brad Jefferson, “Today’s tools and platforms ensure that small and midsized businesses can reach their audiences where they hang out online. This represents one of the biggest marketing opportunities for small businesses in a long time.”


Speak Directly to Your Audience


For better results, customize your video content so it’s relevant to your audience. If you serve distinctly different audience groups, try creating different videos (or multiple versions) for each group.


Shoot to Win


Although production barriers are lower, you’ll still need the best possible tools and budget to create quality video content, whether you shoot with a phone or a full production team. People are more likely to watch well-shot videos that play on multiple device platforms.


Get to the Point Quickly


Your video ad or content will need to quickly grab viewer’s attention before they click away. Consider showing your brand or product in the first few seconds.


Tell a Compelling Story


Brevity matters, but video length is not as crucial as a concise, compelling story. Make your video only as long as it takes to tell your story and hold the audience’s interest throughout.

While one might assume that shorter video ads are better, that’s not always the case. video ads that were between 1 and 2 minutes long fared better than those of less than 30 seconds.


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