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November 1, 2019

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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign

April 17, 2019

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 Let's talk Social Media!



There are a number of ways to create a successful social media marketing campaign. Plans vary based on industry, social media platform, and campaign type. Use the following tips to create your own social media marketing campaign.


Research Your Competition

In the planning stages of your social media marketing campaign, consider your competition.

  1. Which companies are similar to yours and already have successful social media accounts?

  2. Which companies have campaigns that you know did well?

  3. Do the companies you are reviewing typically conduct giveaways, contests, or live videos?

  4. What is engagement like on their social posts?

By taking a step back and asking yourself these questions, you’ll start to understand what’s working well in your industry. You will also be able to determine how you can make your own campaign unique. 


Look for inspiration elsewhere, too. If your competition isn’t on social, you’re not a fan of their previous campaign style, or you have an exceptionally unique business, then look for other campaigns that inspire you and determine how you can apply elements such as a similar style, level of engagement, aesthetic, or a specific message to your own campaign.


Craft Your Strategy

Next, craft your campaign strategy. To determine your campaign goal, first consider your target audience.


 Appeal to your target audience.

  1. Who are you trying to reach?

  2. How would you classify your target audience?

  3. What are you hoping this campaign will achieve for your company and your audience?

  4. How can you create continued engagement with your followers throughout your campaign?

Ensuring your content and messaging appeals to your target audience should always be your top priority. Remember this important rule throughout your social media marketing campaign. Don’t lose sight of who you are trying to connect with and why. 


Otherwise, your audience will likely scroll right by your social posts or lose interest in your campaign in a matter of seconds. 


Here are some ways to appeal to your target audience on social media:


Consider current trends.

What do people want to view these days? For example, Instagram stories and live streaming have become quite popular. Can you incorporate these trends into your social routine and campaign?


Be informative.

Make your audience want to stop and listen. If you don’t have information worth their time, why would they check out your post or campaign? Provide your audience with an incentive — create a giveaway that requires your audience to read your description from start to finish. In addition, you should also tell them how to participate in the giveaway and when you will announce a winner.


Create unique and compelling visual content.

Whether it’s a video on Facebook or an edited picture on Instagram, make sure your visual content is compelling and entertaining. Give your audience something they haven’t seen before.


Engage with your audience.

After posting on social media, 84% of consumers expect companies to respond within 24-hours. If your followers leave questions, comments, or concerns on your posts, you should reach back out to them. You will form a personal bond with your audience that will make them more loyal to you and your brand. You will also earn their trust more efficiently.



Social media has taken the world by storm. Although some trends are changing, social media is here to stay. Social media marketing campaigns are a great option for businesses that want to remain relevant and promote their content in an effective and efficient way. 


With the possibility of significant reach, ability to directly engage with followers and customers, the ease of sharing your content with thousands (or even millions) of people, and the budget-friendly nature of the work, social media marketing campaigns are appealing to both businesses and consumers alike. 

Get started creating unique and engaging content for your social followers and make an impact that drives sales and gets people pumped about your brand.


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