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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November 1, 2019

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The Big Question: Direct Mail Response Rates vs Email Response Rates

April 3, 2019

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Direct mail wins over email response rates:

  • Direct mail averages a 3.7% response rate with a house list (across all industries)

  • All digital channels combined only achieve a 0.62% response rate (across all industries)


You find yourself asking the following questions, in your head, over and over, as you try to determine your next marketing move.

"Does direct mail really work?"

"Is it better to advertise on Google or somewhere else?"

"What is the response rate if I mail postcards?"
"Do people still like receiving mail?"

...and the questions go on.

Well, here are the answers you've been searching for.

While, of course, digital marketing has its own set of benefits (ie: fast, easy, social sharing, etc), one thing is certain, digital ads are not as effective as physical direct mail in driving transactions. 

And if you think about it, even in non-incentivized branding campaigns, marketing is about ROI at the end of the day.

For business owners who need to acquire new customers, drive store traffic, and grow sales quickly, direct mail is conclusively a safer and smarter play.

Check out the key takeaways and findings from the reports below.




Source: Canada Post / True Impact Marketing, Understanding the Impact of Physical Communications through Neuroscience, February 2015

Direct Mail vs. Digital – Brand and Offer Recall

•    Consumers who received offline direct mail advertisements were able to recall 75% of the time
•    Consumers who viewed the same ads in digital formats were only able to recall 44% of the time

Humans “Wired” for Non-Digital Interaction
•    Direct mail ads take 21% less cognitive effort to process compared to same ads on digital media

Direct Mail is Easier to Understand, Far More Persuasive than Digital Media
•    Its motivation response is 20% higher –more-so if appeals to senses beyond touch
•    Direct mail is visually processed in less time than digital media; Message delivers faster

Direct Mail is More Likely to Drive Action Than Digital Media
•    It surpasses the important motivation-to-cognitive load threshold of 1.