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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November 1, 2019

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Mosaic Facebook Direct Response Advertising

February 27, 2019

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Extend the Impact of Your Direct Marketing Campaigns with Facebook Discover Unparalleled Reach and Engagement


Each day, 141 million people in the United States connect with their friends, family, and preferred brands on Facebook. In fact, more time is spent on Facebook than anywhere else online — an average of 40 minutes a day


Recent studies have shown that the average user now checks their Facebook Newsfeed an astounding 14 times per day. With Facebook Direct Response Advertising, available through Mosaic Integrated Marketing, your advertisement is shown to your target audience online, where they are spending their time.


This cost and time effective method to reach a highly engaged, digitally-focused audience uses a series of highly-targeted demographics that you can leverage to extend your story online. Ads in Facebook’s Newsfeed are able to capture a viewer’s attention quickly to produce strong results and gain more exposure from your marketing efforts.


Spending on Facebook advertising continues to increase year over year:


• 92% of all social marketers are using Facebook ads to capture new leads and create brand awareness


• Users bought $234 million worth of virtual goods and gifts on Facebook over Q2 2018 


• Carousel ads drive 10 times more traffic (click throughs) to websites than static sponsored ads/posts


• On average, if you target your ad by a custom audience rather than by category or interest, the cost-per-click is 14% lower and the cost-per-conversion is 64%


Display your advertisement and company contact details in Facebook’s desktop and mobile Newsfeeds Gain cost-effective screen time among consumers that are becoming increasingly digital Increase your exposure to those individuals who are not direct mail responsive  


Target Your Customers and Prospects Online The people who matter most, your current and prospective customers, are on Facebook. Direct Response Advertising combines the reach you want with the precise, targeted focus you need in order for your message to reach the right individuals at the desired time. Through a proprietary matching methodology, Mosaic has the ability to pull in data to create a truer match to your selected audience.


We can create a custom audience for your ads using a multitude of selects via Facebook’s demographic selections.


A sample of available attributes follows.


Demographics Interests Behaviors: