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November 1, 2019

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January 4, 2019

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 Mosaic Marketing: Gain more business for Guacamole's Restaurant


The owner of Guacamole’s Mexican Restaurant wanted to increase business on a off night and at the same time encourage repeat business.


"I am proud to mention that Mosaic is now bilingual." says Al Canosa, Managing Director of Mosaic Marketing


Because of our Spanish speaking sales force, this added capability, enabled the marketing process to move along in a much more efficient manner. 


Mosaic Marketing team developed a marketing plan to accomplish his goal the Mosaic Marketing Plan included the following:

  1. Came up with a weekly event that will bring in the customers. The customers will get a chance to sample great food in order to increase repeat business.

    The event: Couples Night, every Tuesday


  2. The Deal: $35.00 for two: you get Two Drinks, Two Entries and Two Deserts. Great value

  3. How did we get the word out?  Mosaic recommend:

    1. Billboard Advertising on 1-95 over 1 million views a month

    2. Special Couples Menu

    3. Inside restaurant signage

    4. Outside signage Advertising

    5. News Paper Advertising over 60,000 views a week

    6. A theme was developed and carry thru all advertising media

    7. The outcome was a great success.

Mosaic five tips for the Best Menu:


How To Get The Most Out of Your Menu

Most independent restaurant operators don’t know the easy techniques to make the most money from their menu. Guests in your restaurant are there to buy, not browse. Make it easy for them to spend their money, have a great experience and be profitable for you at the same time.


Five menu power tips:
  1. No leader dots………………………………………………………………… to prices. Leader dots make your guest treat your menu like a price list. They’ll immediately be focused on price and select as such.

  2. No $ signs. Doesn’t this: $ make you think of money? Don’t make your guests think of money. Your price should say 13.99 instead of $13.99.

  3. Descriptions sell: “Our large, delicious omelette s are prepared with four farm fresh eggs, whipped to fluffy perfection then folded with locally sourced freshly prepared vegetables, hand-sliced meats and hand grated cheeses.” This is far better than, “Four eggs, vegetables, meat and cheese.”

  4. The upper right hand corner is the single most valuable piece of real estate on your menu. Research shows this is the first place a guest’s eyes go. Use the top right corner wisely to highlight and feature your highest profit items.

5. In addition to great descriptions, pictures are critical to your success. Full color, excellent food photography makes items fly off your menu. Choose your most profitable or highest dollar contributors to feature with food close ups!