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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November 1, 2019

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How to Get and Keep Customers with a Marketing Kit

November 26, 2018

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 Your Business Marketing Kit


What is a Marketing Kit and why do you need one?


Think of a marketing kit as a portfolio that showcases your company’s products or service.


A marketing kit is an enabler for attracting new customers, educating existing customers, forming new partnerships, educating suppliers, and informing media prospects. A good marketing kit is so powerful it stops and makes people think:

  • “Hey – there’s my problem and look, this company is perfect to solve it!”

  • This company is worth looking at.

  • This company would be a perfect fit for our upcoming feature on xxxx.

“Brainstorm” before creating ANY marketing materials.


Marketing materials, no matter how colorful or creative are completely USELESS if you aren’t focusing on what matters to your target audience.


So here are a few how-to’s that will not only get you started in the right direction in creating your marketing kit, but will give you ideas on what to put in your marketing kit to make potential customers choose YOUR PRODUCT or SERVICE.


1.  Determine the target audience for your product or service. Take a few minutes to profile your audience. Don’t just profile them by industry. Profile them as people and profile their roles. Are they men, women or both? Are they engineers, sales managers, CFOs? Get very specific about who will be reading your materials and why.


2.  Identify the business issue the product or service is addressing for your customer. Think about the top 3 to 5 frustrations or problems customers may have and how your product or service will solve their frustrations.


3.  Draft messages and statements that “speak to” your audience. Remember to keep all of your writing focused in the audience. That means using lots of the words “you”, “you can”, “you will be able to”, etc. See if you can eliminate as many references to “I” or “we” as you can. Also, remember to use lots of verbs, action words and words that “do something.” Go here for a list of sales and marketing power words. Keep your message as simple as possible and focus on the customer benefits.


Sounds Great – What Should I put in my Marketing Kit?


I suggest building your marketing kit like you’d build a house. Start with some basic foundation pieces such as a flyer, brochure, newsletter, letterhead and business cards. These pieces are a great place to start, but whatever you do, please don’t stop there. Get creative.