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November 1, 2019

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Email Subject Line Ideas for Last-Minute Holiday Marketers

November 1, 2018

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 Holiday Marketing Tips.


It’s okay. You’re not the only one.


You know your customers do exactly the same thing, waiting until the day before Christmas or someone’s birthday before buying a gift.


Well, if you’re waiting for the right time to send off a final flurry of gift-inspiring emails, that time is here.

Before sending our your last blast for the holidays, spend a few minutes perusing this list of email subject line ideas. The subject line of your email is crucial. It’s like the outer envelope of direct mail. Make sure it’s attention-getting and intriguing. The examples that follow will give your recipient the proper incentive to open your missive.


This summarized list of holiday subject line ideas by Ryan Pinkham applies whether you’re emailing as a nonprofit or a retail business.


Five Types of Email Subject Lines


1. Questions

Instead of just telling people about your product and what it does, try asking a question to pique their interest and entice them to learn more. Questions can be used to intrigue readers, point out problems, or motivate action.

Do you really have the perfect gift for your _____ [loved one]?

2. Directives

If you want people to act right now, there’s no time to be coy! It pays to be straightforward and direct. Tell people about a limited time offer that requires their immediate attention! But take care not to come off as being pushy. Customers appreciate it when you get to the point quickly.

> Don’t wait. Save % ____ [percent off] this week only at _____ [name of your business].

3. Teasers

Everyone loves a good cliff-hanger. Done well, teasers are effective at building interest, whether for gift ideas or new content. Consider your audience and the people for whom they’re shopping and how you can help make it easier on them.

Five gift ideas for your _____ [family member/significant other] that you never thought of.

4. Lists

They’re perennial favorites of bloggers because they work. Lists make it easy for people to quickly scan your information to get what they want out of it. Just don’t get too carried away and make your list unnecessarily complicated or lengthy. Here’s an example:

____ [x]  gifts under $ ____ [amount of money].

5. Announcements

If you’ve got a new product or an event coming up, you don’t have to get fancy about how you say it. But use discretion and save your announcements for newsworthy subjects that your audience will care about. For instance:

Don’t miss our December ____ [specials/offers/events].



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