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November 1, 2019

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Four Ways QR Codes Can Sync Direct to Mobile Marketing

July 12, 2018

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 QR codes and Direct Marketing Sync


You’ve tested creative. You’ve segmented your mailing list. And you’ve proofread every word for the umpteenth time. But have you given consumers a fast way to respond to your direct-mail offer?


With QR codes, you can. And you wouldn’t be alone in adopting this direct-meets-mobile trend.

Integrated marketers are using QR codes to sync their direct-marketing campaigns with mobile-response technology to reap immediate payoffs on their campaigns. A 2012 Direct Marketing Association study found that mail pieces with QR codes scored a higher average response rate of 4.4 percent versus 1-3 percent response rates for mail without QR codes.


Fine-Tune Direct Response with QR Code Intelligence

To get the most out of QR codes as part of your direct campaigns, follow the advice of marketing executive and author Max Stinson. In a recent Business to Community article, he outlined four ways to fine-tune the direct mail-to-mobile marketing alliance.


Prioritize conversion. Be sure to place the QR code prominently on your direct-mail piece.

Make it easy for consumers to respond. Test each step of the conversion process to ensure it is glitch-free. “Go through the process in reverse. Start with your landing page CTA (call to action) and work backward. Find out if each step smoothly transitions into the next,” Stinson advised.


Give them reasons to share. Although it’s easier to share social media content, strive to promote content with direct campaigns that consumers will want to share.


Crunch the right numbers. You know to measure the response rates of mail pieces, but you should measure cost-per-lead and lead conversion rates with direct campaigns that feature QR codes.


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