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November 1, 2019

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Lessons a Diaper Can Teach About World-Class Marketing Strategies

May 30, 2018

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 Lessons from the Big Boy's



Take a deep breath and get the potty jokes out of your system before we examine what helped Pampers achieve the rating of world’s top “Brand Experience,” edging out blue chips like Disney, Nike, BMW, and Apple.


Now, you probably don’t deal in diapers, and most integrated marketers don’t have anywhere near $8.3 billion (yup, that’s “billion” with a b) a year to spend on advertising. But Pampers’ success has almost nothing to do with the actual product or the reach of its ads: instead it’s flawlessly, thoughtfully executing on the little things that all support the larger brand story.


Digital Gets Warm and Fuzzy


On the Pampers website, there isn’t a lot of content about diapers: instead of a hard sell, they package advice, articles and user-generated content to build a community and convey the brand’s affinity for moms. The experts at Inc. agree: content is the secret weapon that can help you cultivate years-long connections with customers.


Pampers was also lauded for their Google descriptions and keyword strategies, using words and phrases like “baby care” and “parenting information” as opposed to competitors, who were more focused on products.


You can look at this approach as two lessons for the price of one: first, it underscores the need for smart, well-aligned content strategy, but fundamentally, it’s talking about your brand so it’s not just a product, but a means of solving a bigger problem for your customers. It’s the age-old features versus benefits conversation.


Make It Easy to Buy


Pampers was also praised for making it easy for customers to acquire the product: if you want to buy diapers online, there’s rapid shipping