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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November 1, 2019

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New Opportunities with Floor Graphic Marketing

May 22, 2018

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 Floor Graphics Image and Message Unlimited


Better materials, marketers’ need for novelty, and mystical power over the shopper’s psyche have all converged to reignite interest in floor-graphic marketing, so says a post over at


Reasons for Resurgence

Floor graphic marketing isn’t new, of course. But it remains among the most effective and affordable parts of the integrated marketer’s toolbox, for good reason.


Floor graphic marketing works because:


It’s easy, flexible and inexpensive to implement–Floor graphics are another form of in-store signage, which, as we’ve detailed in posts like this one, offers numerous benefits of its own. Floor graphics are inexpensive enough to use for short-term promo or POP applications, yet durable enough to serve as longer-term signage. Ask Mosaic to describe the materials and show you some samples.


It’s fun, creative and novel–Most brick-and-mortar companies use the tactic sparingly, which is good, because over exposure would undermine the novelty and impact. Still, in business, doing something others aren’t is called ‘opportunity,’ and thoughtful floor-graphic marketing can generate plenty of that.


Your ‘medium’ is already in place–As with your store windows, floor space literally becomes a free marketing platform–in place, paid for, and ready (after a wash, wax and buff) to entice or entertain patrons, 24/7.


Leveraging Shoppers’ ‘Orienting Reflex’


There may also a psychological component to floor-based communications. University psychology professor, Joseph S. King, who describes the floor as a ‘potentially useful source of advertising.’ King contends that attention directed downward (in what he calls an ‘orienting reflex’) sharply focuses consumers’ attention, thereby making any content underfoot–words or images–instantly meaningful and relevant.


Whether you subscribe to King’s theory or not, retailers’ decades-old interest in floor-as-marketing-medium is undeniable, as, over the years, floor graphics have helped them:


  • Create brand identity and reinforce brand awareness

  • Engage and inform customers as they shop

  • Influence purchases at the Zero Moment of Truth

  • Enhance high-value/ROI in-store promotions

  • Enhance Grand Openings and Open House events

  • says that sales increases of up to 30% have been associated with floor-graphic marketing, so it’s little wonder that results-hungry marketers have again taken notice of it.

Not Just for Retailers

But what if you’re not selling products? Surprise! Custom floor graphics also deliver impact and value in non-commercial settings. For example, imagine how creatively designed pictures, logos, slogans or other images can help perk up floors and interiors at: