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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November 1, 2019

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Honor our Veterans this Memorial Day

May 18, 2018


2018 National Memorial Day Parade

TIME: Mon May 28 2018 at 02:00 pm

VENUE: Washington, D.C.

Dear Fellow Patriot, 

We are in the middle of the 75th anniversary of the National World War II Memorial Commemoration.


The Friends of the National World War II Memorial has kicked-off an ambitious four-year World War II 75th Anniversary Commemoration from December 7, 2016 to September 2, 2020.


The commemoration will be highlighted by reunions, symposiums, museum exhibits, and battle anniversary ceremonies. – but we only have two more years before the end of this important anniversary. 

This is one reason our nation has a National Memorial Day Parade. This Parade is the largest of


its kind. It is broadcast on T.V., streamed online, attended by hundreds of thousands of people, and broadcast by Armed Forces Network for troops around the world. 

The fact is that these men and women marching in the parade aren't doing this to be recognized. No, they have too much honor. They are doing this to ensure future generations won't forget their friends that paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedoms and liberating countries around the world so they could enjoy their freedoms. 

This very well could be these WWII veterans' last opportunity to march in the Parade in honor of those friends that never made it home. Will you help me cover the cost to get some WWII veterans to come to Washington, DC to march in the parade in order to honor their friends? 

I know a lot of veterans can't afford to travel across the country to be in the Parade. That's why I'm working with the American Veterans Center, the non-profit group that organizes and pays for the Parade to get a group of WWII veterans around the region to come to the Parade to march in honor of their fallen brothers that never made it home. 

In fact, the American Veterans Center has already found a great group of WWII veterans to be in the parade. They even received a gift of $5,000 from a donor to help pay for the cars to carry the large


group of veterans in the Parade, now they just need to pay for the WWII vets to get TO DC! 

For $50, the same pay as a buck private received for a month in WWII, you will fund ONE veteran's trip to DC to ride in the Parade. 

I'd love to see a hundred World War II Veterans riding in the cars waving at the crowds and remembering their friends that they shared meals with, laughed with, and fought next to. 

Think about it: imagine you're a World War II veteran and you realize you may not have much more time left on God's green earth. Wouldn't you want the chance to ride in the NATIONAL Memorial Day Parade in honor of all your friends that didn't make it back?

I hope you will consider a tax deductible gift to help The American Veterans Center which will bring some WWII veterans to Washington, DC to be in the parade to celebrate our living WWII veterans and remember all their friends who never made it home. 

I want to make sure that the WWII veterans that are still left and the families of the fallen know America will always be grateful. 

Please stand up