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National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November 1, 2019

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Marketing with a Company Newsletter

March 13, 2018

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You believe you are hitting on all cylinders with your marketing campaign, you are doing Newspaper ADS, Email Blast, Direct Mail, Billboards, Radio you have it covered, so you think. 

You have over looked a direct touch to your customers by way of a Company Newsletter Campaign.  This is a great method of keeping in contact with your ever increasing customer list.

There are a variety of cost effective ways to deliver the Newsletter be it Direct Mail, Email, or even a Blog on your website. However, do not overlook this vital method of reaching out to your customers.


Please consider the following points when it comes to Newsletters:


  • Newsletters have four times the readership of a traditional ad

  • A newsletter allows you to give more in-depth information to readers than an ad.

  • Newsletters have a longer shelf life than ads and are more likely to be read by multiple people.

Newsletters can be used to attract new customers, increase repeat business from existing clients, enhance your company’s reputation as an industry leader and improve customer communications.


However, a customer newsletter will only be effective if it is carefully planned and looks professional. Here are some ideas and tips to help make your customer newsletter more effective at generating sales:


Choose your articles so each one generates results. 


Don’t waste space by printing “fluff” articles that have nothing to do with your company’s area of expertise. Also, avoid using generic filler material, such as recipes, famous quotations, etc. Every article should be used to generate specific results.

This more-focused article would be far more likely to attract new customers to the bank than the article that detailed the employee’s personal life.


Featuring articles that give free, helpful tips related to your company’s area of expertise. 


These should be tips that are useful to readers regardless of if they do business with you. For instance, a home-security company might offer crime-prevention tips in its customer newsletter. A sign company that sends a newsletter to local businesses might list tips on how to choose the right color combinations for an interior sign. These “free tips” articles are not only a good way to demonstrate that your company is an industry expert and is concerned with helping out customers.


Customer testimonials will make your newsletter more impactful.


Customer testimonials can be extremely persuasive to potential clients. You can use these testimonials in several ways. The most effective way is to do a feature story on one of your satisfied clients.


Customer testimonials can be extremely persuasive to potential clients.


Maximize your newsletter’s exposure. 


If your company is going through the time and expense of publishing a newsletter, you’ll want to get maximum exposure out of it.