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November 1, 2019

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Why Multi-Touch Marketing Works

June 15, 2017

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While experts vary on the magic number, most marketing professionals believe that a message needs to be seen or heard anywhere from three to seven times before it fully resonates with a target audience.


Times have changed since the traditional marketing technique of creating leads from a single channel and assigning a sales rep to go after the leads. Today it's important to choose from a variety of traditional and digital marketing channels that will create maximum return on your investment (ROI).


ROI & Multi-Touch Campaigns


If you’re among the 83 percent of businesses that are using single-touch marketing campaigns because it’s easy to implement, think again. 


A study by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) in the USA suggests that multi-channel campaigns give better results for the same budget. The “How Advertising Works Today” project spanned 5,000 campaigns for 1,000 brands in 41 countries accounting for a total of $375 billion in global advertising spending.


It found that brands can on average increase ROI by 19 per cent by expanding a campaign from one media platform to two. Each additional platform further improves ROI, with a five-channel campaign outperforming a single-channel campaign by 35 percent. Increasing the number of channels paid off whereas just increasing the level within one channel did not.


Here’s an example: Think of the phrase “Ultimate Driving Machine” and what do you see? Unless you’ve been living as a recluse in the mountains of


Siberia, the BMW brand immediately flashes across your field of vision. Why? Because we’ve seen it in magazines, on billboards, in direct mail, in social media and plastered across our television screens. That is the art of branding and multi-touch campaigns.

"Effective Frequency" is the Key


Multi-touch campaigns reach out to target audiences using a variety of formats. With a consistent voice and brand, this type of marketing strategy revolves around the use of “effective frequency” — the number of times a potential customer needs to see your message and brand before acting.


The more times your message is seen in a variety of marketing channels, the greater the likelihood of success.  


More Information on this Subject


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