• Media selection (TV, radio, print, Web, social, mobile, cable, trade)

  • Rate negotiation (lowest available) with no markup 

  • Media buy management

  • Vendor payment (as requested)

  • Research & strategy

  • Vendor proposal evaluations 

  • High-visibility promotions

  • Plan refinement & post-buy analytics

  • Monthly status reporting

Media Planning & Buying

Did You Know?

"Reach" is one of the most important terms in media planning and has three characteristics. First, reach is a percentage. Second, reach measures accumulation of audience over time. Third, reach doesn't double-count people exposed multiple times if the media plan involves repeated ads in one media category or ads in multiple media categories." 


         -- Excerpt from "Ad Media Planning: A Primer" (admedia.org) 

Maximizing Your Advertising Opportunities 

As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, our experience runs the full gamut of placing ads in television, radio, print, Web, social, mobile, cable, trade and other marketing channels.  We maintain close ties with all major media in the Tri-State and Greater New Haven area, and are a certified Google partner agency.  


Our clients quickly realize that we are fully dedicated to maximizing all advertising opportunities, through careful planning, tight budgeting and post-placement analysis and refinement.  It is readily apparent that successful media buying relies heavily on careful media planning.  The two activities go hand in hand, and they never really stop.  One picks up where the other ends, and so the cycle goes. 


No Markup of Lower Agency Ad Rates 


Our media buying also involves negotiating and placing ads in various media channels at agency rates.  We do not believe in marking up lower agency ad rates at your expense. We will only bill for the time and resources it takes to get your ads seen by the right target audiences in the right media at the right time.


Key Elements of a Successful Media Buying Plan 


The process of media buying features several key elements. First, we must negotiate the lowest advertising rates we secure on your behalf.  Second, our media buyers aggressively search for low-cost or  no-cost programs and media promotions that help to enhance and reinforce the performance of your advertising.  Finally, through meticulous auditing and post-buy analysis, we evaluate the reach and impact of each media buy --- providing exhaustive follow-through well after the ad may have run.


We want you to be happy with the variety and diversity of your media buying plan. Our goal is to carefully monitor Return on Investment (ROI) of your advertising investments, and to feel as though each ad dollar you spend is working and feels like it's worth much more.


Media Planning & Buying Activities We Provide


This is a brief overview of the media planning and buying activities we offer clients: 


  • Research appropriate media vendors and programming

  • Evaluate proposals from media vendors

  • Negotiate lowest agency media rates

  • Search for low-cost or no-cost media programs or promotions

  • Create insertion orders and run lists

  • Confirm ad scheduling

  • Manage execution of media buys

  • Reconcile invoices

  • Conduct post-buy analyses

  • Render payment directly to media vendors (as requested by client)

  • Re-evaluate the media plan to further optimize future media buys


We're Here to Help!


Do you have a question or do you need more information?  We offer free estimates, and we are always prompt in responding to requests.  Our operators are standing by.  Feel free to make their day by calling (203) 483-4598 x306


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